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Mahan is both Artist/Singer, Songwriter and Konfrencier. She sings both in English and Persian and who came 3rd in Persian idol-like program with about 55 million viewers.

 Has been a Konfrencier at the  Chaharshanbe suri in Sthlm twice, with live TV with Manoto / Voice of America with several million viewers, and about 25,000 people in the audience. Also in Gothenburg's  Chaharshanbe suri where she also met a big crowd. 

 Has been Artist at Melodifestivalen, one of the most important musical contest in Europe, after the big event Eurovision, with the song "Aleo". Had many successes in Poland with her own song "Azizami" but also sold platinum and gold for the collaboration with Polish DJ and also participated and wrote the Polish contribution "light me up" for Eurovision 2018.



Kamyar is a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer born in Tehran, but raised in Paris. Kamyar is academically trained in music and was recognized as a child prodigy early on. He sings in over 8 languages, plays 7 different instruments, and started composing from the age of 12 at the music conservatory he attended in Paris. After getting his BA from the University of Sorbonne in Paris, Kamyar moved to Los Angeles in 2003 where he joined Persian pop band Black Cats as their new lead singer. The band released hit songs Joone Khodet (Khanum Koja), Majnoon, Nemikhamet, and To Mituni feat. Shahram Shabpareh to name a few. He later went on to have a successful solo career releasing singles such as Ey Jan, Az daste to, Dobareh, Asan Ye Vazi, Joon and many more. Kamyar currently tours the world performing at some of the world's biggest and most prestigious stages and is also one of the four judges of The Voice Persia.


Negar Mandegar_edited.jpg

As a little girl, Nagar was forced to leave her beloved Afghanistan with her parents, and after years of nomadic life, they finally settled in Denmark. She is now a Danish woman with Afghan pride, trying to bring change to the women in her homeland. Negar will soon graduate with a master’s degree in law and psychology, and even if she’s no longer in Afghanistan, she understands the pain the women there go through every day. Her songs empower women and tells untold stories of Afghan women in a powerful way that proposes not only awareness but also possible solutions.


Negar Zrassi - Danish Saroee_edited.jpg

Negar Zarassi is a Swedish/Iranian professional opera singer. She is extensively trained in classical music, holding two bachelor degrees: from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and from the Academy for Music and Drama in Gothenburg, both in Sweden. She is regularly hired for live concerts, operatic performances, music and theatre productions.  

Negar is known for her dynamic on-stage presence. Her repertoire is broad and varied, and she moves skilfully between different genres. Following her success in Persia's got Talent 2019 and her exposure to the global Iranian audience, Negar has developed her own crossover genre of opera and pop in Farsi. This Persian Sarah Brightman has touched millions with her beautiful voice.


Photo: Danish Saroee

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Seyed Hamed Zeidabadi, better known as DJ Hamed, learned to play keyboard and the Iranian instrument tonbak at an early age. Through his teens he performed at home for friends and family, but soon it became his job playing at parties, birthdays, and weddings. He later combined his keyboard and singing with DJing. He has performed in many Iranian shows, celebrations, and concerts across Europe, and collaborated with talented musicians all over the world, such as Andy, Kamran and Hooman, Mansour, Sasy, Leila Forouhar, Aref and Omid to mention a few.


Ett samarrangemang mellan Riksteatern och Malmö-stad. I samarbete med KULTUR PARAPLYET och Riksteaterföreningen BANG.

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