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Nikolai Shervin is an actor and presenter. His interest in show business started at an early age. Previously he has worked as a show artist and magician and performed in large parts of Sweden but also in New York and Boston. Key words for his stage performances are energy, love and community. Nikolai lives in Gothenburg and has appeared in several films and TV series and is currently working on both a theatrical play and filming a feature film.


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Sahar is an Iranian pop singer from Tehran. She loved music from a very young age and discovered early on that she had a great singing voice. By the encouragement of her family and relatives she started to take lessons from master Mohammad Noori, a great Iranian musician. It’s challenging to get a concert permission for a female singer in Iran, but hard work and talent earned Sahar a place among those successful female singers who could achieve this. She was lucky enough to both record and perform with many well-known Iranian artists. To increase her opportunities and evolve as a singer and producer, Sahar left Iran at the age of 19. In 2012 she released her first official solo song – To Nabash. Since then, she has continued to make music and tour around the world.


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Elaha Soroor is an award-winning singer-songwriter and music composer originally from Afghanistan. Her works embody the complexities and nuances of society across continents, engaging and challenging audiences not only musically, but intellectually. Her latest release Songs Of Our Mothers is a collaborative album with the award winning collective band Kefaya. The album is a collection of folk songs by Afghan women that have been passed down from mothers to daughters. A blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, the album is a bold protest against patriarchy and a joyous statement of resilience and emancipation. Elaha Soroor was the winner of Songline’s Newcomer 2020 Award and Songs Of Our Mothers won the best album of 2020 Songline Magazine and received worldwide attention. Recently, Elaha has also worked as co-composer and performer for Wales Millenium Center's The Boy With Two Hearts.


Eldfesten Göteborg - Nikita- Foto Dani Saadati_edited.jpg

Swedish/Persian Nikita (so Nikki) is the perfect storm of an artist with a seductive voice and street attitude.

Nikita came to prominence in 2017 after competing in a Persian Talent show and independently releasing a couple of songs in Farsi. Enjoying worldwide success, Nikita´s songs have accumulated over 100 million streams with concerts all over the world.

Nikita´s style can be described as dynamic world music; mixing pop oriental, hip hop and r&b.

"I am a big fan of world music and different genres of music. I would like to not label my music with just one genre. I love to experiment and try different sounds. I am influenced by so many cultures and countries and hope that whatever language or genre I sing in, will make you feel. Just feel... Cause thats whats matter"  Nikita



The music association Karavan is a group of musicians, songwriters and dancers based in Gothenburg. This group has its own education in music, art and dance in different classes and formats in the style of classical, folklore and orientalism. Karavan music association has four different dance and choir groups. The association's aim is to cooperate with other music, dance, and culture associations.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Parian - Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.JPG

Parian is a cultural association from Gothenburg. Their colourful dance performance includes traditional Persian dance mixed with other cultural dances. There are also influences from modern street dance and ballet. The dance reflects the Persian New Year's table, Haft sin, as it is performed by seven dancers and the word Haft sin means seven things that begin with the letter S. The association was formed in 2000 and has since performed at several different celebrations, including self-produced dance and theater. During the dance performance at Eldfesten, Parian collaborates with Jumps & Turns, and Caroline Nithander. The choreography is created by Parian in collaboration with Caroline from Jumps & Turns. Creative leader, designer and seamstress is Sara Mahani, who is also chairman of the association.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Setins dans grupp - Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.jpg

Setin kulturförning was founded in 2008 in Gothenburg by members of the Lori ethnic group from Iran. The ethnic group is largely native to parts of western and southwestern Iran. The association's activities are primarily of a cultural, health-promoting and knowledge-enhancing nature. They also work for integration and increased community involvement. The association is open to anyone – with or without Persian background. Through dance, music and other cultural activities, Setin tries to contribute to preserving and spreading the culture of various Iranian ethnic groups in Sweden.



The Gothenburg-based fire group Fae is one of Sweden's most inventive and adaptable fire artists. They use fire, pyrotechnics, dance, theatre and magic to enhance the stage experience and break the boundaries between the various art expressions. Fae tailors shows for all occasions, from weddings and parties to festivals and concerts. You can also see them online in several music videos and documented performances. Fae loves fire in all its forms and is a natural addition to Chaharshanbeh souri.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Jino- Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.jpg

Jino Dance Association works under the direction of Elham Latifi. The association dances local Iranian dances from different parts of Iran. Jino has had many performances throughout Sweden, and this year they will be on the stage of Eldfesten.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Mitra Lavasani - Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.jfif

Mitra Lavassani was born in Tehran, but now lives in Gothenburg. She began her career in 2014 with the song Begoo Baron and released her first album in October of that year. Kheyli sakhteh, Asheghoone, Bighararam, Zendegi and Panjareye choobi are some of her songs.



Persian Success Ring - Persian Success Ring is a Persian non-profit association in Gothenburg, and is religiously, ethnically and politically independent. The association supports women, children and immigrants who are new to Sweden. PSR's leader is Vida Tehrani who is an education consultant and organizer of more than twenty performances of theatre, music and children's dance in Sweden. At Eldfesten, PSR will perform with dance.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Abdulkadir Yesilgul - Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.jpg

Abdulkadir Yesilgul is 30 years old and lives in Gothenburg. He is a singer, songwriter and composer.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Saji - Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.jpg

Sajad Nameni is 24 years old from Tehran in Iran. He moved to Sweden in 2015 and started rapping in 2016. He has performed many times in Uddevalla. The latest EP he has released is Sahneye jorm with guest artist Gdaal.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Zhobin Morady - Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg_edited.jpg

Zhobin Moradi is 30 years old and has been singing for three years. Two popular songs by Zhobin are Jian ​​and Se Rouin that were created one year ago by Javad Nikouei and Saeed Lotfi.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Capoeira - Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.jpeg

The group Capoeira Boa Vontade is led by Professora Piaba (Karin Ströde) and has activity in Gothenburg with a nest in Natal, Brazil led by Mestre Canelão.
Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art with elements of acrobatics, dance and music. The sport has its origins in slavery in Brazil, it has since been developed and is now found all over the world. Maculéle is a dance that is part of the Capoeira culture and is also performed by Capoeiristas.


Eldfesten- Göteborg - Sean Vasei - Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.jfif

DJ Sean is one of the most established DJ’s in Scandinavia. He will play the very best hits and nostalgia songs as well as the newest hottest remixes.


Eldfesten Göteborg -DJ BTM- Foto - Eldfestkommittén Göteborg.jpeg

The Gothenburg DJ Behind The Mind, aka BTM, is a musician on the rise who never lets his audience down. It all started in 2010, when he threw himself into the world of music. He’s been DJing for great artists like Dree low, Vic Vem, Cherrie, Aden x Asme Saliboy etc. and played at everything from Gothenburg's cultural party and Hisingsfestivalen to private parties around Västra Götaland.

DJ BTM    

A collabration between Riksteatern and Eldfestkommiten.

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