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22 years old, Andranik “Andy” Madadian left Iran for Los Angeles and made a living by playing guitar at small clubs. That was the beginning of becoming “The Persian Elvis” and an internationally acclaimed musician. By mixing the music of his Iranian-Armenian heritage with western dance music, Spanish flamenco and African rhythms, he’s been big in the world music scene for a long time. But he’s also managed to reach the mainstream audience with a Stand by me-cover, performed by him and Bon Jovi. 40 years and 14 albums since those first club gigs, Madadian, as the first Iranian artist, is now honoured with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.


Photo: Sirous Kerdouni
Eldfesten - Navid Zardi- Foto Amin khelghat -  1_edited.jpg

Navid Zardi is a renowned Kurdish songwriter, composer, and singer. He took his first artistic steps in his early teens by writing songs and acting in plays before he started singing and rapping his own lyrics. He released his first album Rega in 2010, and three more albums would follow – Zhyanawa (2012), Nigaran Maba (2014) and To (2018). He has millions of fans and followers all over the world and has produced several hit songs such as Poz, feat. Gims, Bayda feat. Xatar, Ayla, Warawa, Kurda, and many more. His songs have nearly 200 million views on YouTube and over 4 million streams on Spotify. So far. Navid has sold-out 29 concerts all over the world and will shortly go on a world-tour again. Over the years, he has introduced several new artists to the public – Sana Barzanje, Shanaz Zahir, Shangar and Davin to mention a few. He will soon release his new album called Kurdi.


Photo: Amin Khelghat
Eldfesten - 25 band- Foto Koji Zadori-  1_edited.jpg

25band is a duo consisting of Tamin & A-del (vocalists) They combine a mixture of elements from pop, electro, r & b, hiphop, jazz and trance to come up with their unique sound. They currently live in Beverlyhills, California. Their first release was in 2010 'Vaghte Parvaz (Time to Fly)' caught the eyes of their fans and the Iranian music industry. In 2014 the duo was nominated for the World Music Award at Best Group and In 2016 and 2019 the duo has won the best Group at BAMA music award. On John Stewart's directing debut film 'Rosewater', their hit single 'Ye Baade Khonak' was placed as the closing music in 2014 for the film.


Photo: Koji Zadori
Eldfesten - Donya Dadrasan- Foto - Radio Javan- 2_edited.jpg

At the age of fifteen, Donya left Iran for Australia. To get an outlet for her creativity, she began to post dubsmash videos of herself singing other people’s songs. It took a while, but her Instagram page started to get attention and gain fans. At the same time, she was working on her own music and released a few singles to get feedback - and the feedback was good. She ended up releasing her debut album Donya in 2018 with her biggest hit to date - Koo Ta Biad - which has been played 23 million times on Radio Javan, and the music video has millions of views on Youtube.


Photo: Radio Javan
Eldfesten - Mozhdah Jamalzadah - Foto - Karolina Turek - 1.jpg

Mozhdah Jamalzadah is a Kabul-born, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, media personality and women’s rights activist. She’s been called the Oprah of Afghanistan for having had a talk show debating taboo subjects like child marriage, violence against women and divorce in post-Taliban Afghanistan; and the first Afghan to perform at the Obama Whitehouse. She has guested on the Oprah Winfrey Show and won several “Best Artist of the Year” awards in more than one country. Her biography, The Voice of Rebellion, written by Roberta Staley, just released October 2019, and she made her acting debut in the movie Red Snow, written and directed by award winning Canadian director Marie Clements.


Photo: Karolina Turek
Eldfesten - Rana Mansour- Foto -Danish Saroee - 1_edited.jpg

Rana Mansour is an independent artist who is a public figure for the women’s rights movement in Iran, as it is currently illegal for women in Iran to perform or sing in public in front of a live audience. Collaborating with director Alireza Soroush, her recent music videos, “ZAN” (Woman) and “Faryade Kohneh” (Dull Cry), highlight the injustices against women in the Middle East. “Faryade Kohneh” is one of the few if not only Iranian songs/music videos performed in sign language by the main artist.


Photo: Danish Saroee
Eldfesten - Yasamin Saleki- Foto - Danish Saroee_edited.jpg

Yasamin started playing the guitar from a very young age and has been performing for over a decade.
She immigrated to Germany from her homeland Iran to further her musical career.
In 2019 for the first time Yasamin took centre stage on Persia’s Got Talent finishing runner up in the final and winning the popular vote.
She is currently active in producing her own music and has released an album called “Man”. Yasamin will be the official guitar player of the band for all the artists of Eldfesten 2022 this year.

Yasamin Saleki

Photo: Danish Saroee
Eldfesten - Jasmine Kara- Foto Felix Frank -  2_edited.jpg

Since Jasmine Kara’s breakthrough she has released two albums, is often seen on Sweden’s biggest tv-shows, been nominated for a P3 Gold Award and has performed at the Swedish Grammy Awards. But her stardom reaches far beyond the borders of Sweden. She’s been touring and performing on TV and radio in Iran, Japan and England to name a few countries. As diligent as she is talented, she releases music in four different languages and has also written an autobiography that has sold out – twice! 


Photo: Felix Frank
Eldfesten - Parvaz Dance Ensemble- Foto Adnan Majid -  1.jpg

Parvaz Dance Ensemble captures the hearts of the audience with their beautiful dances filled with poetic movements, captivating rhythms and ecstatic spins. 
Their repertoire includes classical Persian dance, Iranian folk dance, Afghan dance, Uzbek dance and Azerbaijani dance.


Photo: Adnan Majid
Eldfesten - Anita - Foto - Amir Asghari - 1_edited.jpg

Anita Natalini is an Iranian rapper, musician, singer and songwriter. Her interest in music started at a very young age. At six years old, she began practicing the piano, and played violin for 10 years. But Anita’s music and singing career started when she was 14 and did covers of popular songs, both in Farsi and English. Her first professional experience came when she was invited to a late-night show named Chandshanbeh Ba Sina with the host Sina Valiollah where she performed the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. After this, her career skyrocketed. She started working with big Iranian artists, such as Behzad Leito and worked with him on his upcoming albums and songs, Dast Foroush and Ba To Yeki Na to name a few. After this collaboration, she started working on her own music and released singles such as Bargashtam and To Ke Nisti which have gone viral since then.


Photo: Amir Asghari
Eldfesten - DJ Marjan- Foto- Makan Photography - 2_edited.jpg

DJ Marjan is one of Iran's first female disc jockeys who plays everything from traditional Iranian melodies and Arabic rhythms to hard techno and hip hop. She comes from a family filled with talented musicians and has been colored by her family's love for music throughout her life. With her feeling for the dance floor, her fantastic energy and her positive charisma, she will make Skansen rock like never before. Do not miss her!


Photo: Amir Asghari



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